23GTR.se democar for sale

29 May{ 0 }

It´s time to sell the democar to make room for a new project. The complete spec is below. If you´re interested, drop us a mail: info@23gtr.se

Engine upgrades:

Switzer P800 incl. Cooling Package
Switzer catch tank
HKS Legamax exhaust
COBB Accessport

Gearbox upgrades:

Willall Racing oil
Willall Racing circlips
Willall Racing clutch clips
Dodson Motorsport oil pump upgrade kit

AP Racing J.-hook front brake discs
Performance Friction pads front and rear
Motul RBF600 brake fluid
Willall Racing water cooling for the front brakes

Takata 4-point harness

Zele Performance carbon side skirts
Zele Performance carbon grill
Zele Performance carbon fender vents
Zele Performance carbon bonnet scoops
Zele Performance tail light kit
Password JDM carbon wing
Password JDM carbon trunk
Toyo R888 tires
Whiteline swaybars front and rear

The car does 0-200km/h in under 9 seconds. It holds the record for fastest GT-R at Mantorp Park and has been for the past three years.

Pics from Open House

13 May{ 0 }

Here are some shots from the Open House we held yesterday. We had some parts on display, both from our own stock and also from our suppliers Ohlins, Akrapovic and Performance Friction Brakes. Ohlins showed the first production units of their new Road & Track dampers for GT-R, which was a world premiere. Two gearboxes were on display so we could show customers the problems and solutions we offer. During the day we performed different work on some customer cars. We installed Alcon 400mm brakes, COBB Accessports, replaced a damaged oil pan and did some oil changes among other work. When it was done we served some burgers, hot dogs and cold drinks.
We´d like to thank all of our customers and suppliers that joined us on this day.

Mr. K´s GT-R is back

6 Apr{ 0 }

Yes, Mr. K is back for more upgrades. Since he did 15 trackdays last year, the front brake discs couldn´t take it any more. The OEM discs are prone to crack so we replaced them with some 400mm Alcon discs instead. We replaced the brake pads before so now Mr. K should be able to cut his lap times a bit. While the car was here we also installed some carbon goodies from Zele Performance. The sideskirts, fender vents and bonnet scoops were replaced. It really looks good with the blue colour of the car. As usual, if you want something done, get in touch.

Lots of upgrades to Mr. M´s GT-R

30 Mar{ 0 }

Mr M is a long time customer of 23GTR.se. This time he wanted to make the car even faster on track. Therefore we´ve replaced the swaybars, the front upper suspension arms and added some more power. We swapped out the OEM downpipes and midpipe to free up some flow for the tune. We choose a HKS Legamax resonated midpipe to still keep the noise level in check. Interior wise we installed a carbon bucket seat and Takata 4 point harnesses for both the driver and passenger. Mr M also wanted to upgrade the looks of the car so we installed a set of Zele sideskirts. After a service and a tune he´s ready to hit the tracks, beginning at the Nurburgring in April. Below are some pics of the Whiteline swaybars, the Dodson Motorsport front upper arms and some of the other parts we installed. If you want some work done to your GT-R, get in touch.

Fredriks GT-R

27 MayComments Off on Fredriks GT-R

Fredrik is a long time customer of ours. We worked and serviced his old GT-R last year. This year, he bought a new EDM GT-R and he soon turned to us to get some work done. We installed a set of Zele Performance carbon side skirts, a Harman Motive midpipe and also supplied a set of AP Racing J-hook brake discs and Carbotech pads. Here are two pics of the result:

Mikael Persbrandts GT-R

30 Mar{ 0 }

Mikael Persbrandt is one of Swedens most famous actors. He´s also a real petrolhead and swapped his GT3 for a GT-R last year. The truth is he never looked back. We first met Mikael last year at the Nurburgring and had a great time. Now the time has come for his GT-R to get a bit of 23GTR.se´s touch. We supplied his car with some carbon goodies and a tail light kit from Zele Performance. It´s the same parts we have on our democar with a few additions. We´ll also make the car a bit faster but more of that at a later date. Check out the pics and don´t hesitate to get in touch with us if you want something for your GT-R.

Martins GT-R

16 Sep{ 1 }

Martin, a customer of ours in Poland, sent us these pics of his car. We supplied parts from Mine´s, Zele Performance and Password JDM for his car. Hope you like it?! If you also want some parts for your GT-R, don´t hesitate to contact us!


Pic 2 of 2

25 Aug{ 0 }

Here´s the second pic that Oskar took of our democar the other night. I think it looks really mean and I´m really happy with the result!


You can find more pics that Oskar has taken if you check out his page on Flickr:


Pic of our democar

24 Aug{ 0 }

We met up with photographer Oskar Bakke last Wednesday and did a spontaneous photoshoot. This is picture one of two. As you can see, the Zele Performance Carbon Grille is on the car now aswell as the sideskirts, fender vents and bonnet vents from Zele Performance. If you also want some parts for your GT-R, don´t hesitate to contact us.



Our democar is here!

6 Jul{ 0 }

Sorry for the lack of updates but the reason is actually very good. I picked up our Vibrant red R35 GT-R on Friday! The drive home was just a big blur but the day after it was complete focus. Since we had some time to wait for the democar, we had ordered a bunch of parts and some of them were on the car less than 24 hours after pickup. Here are a few amateur pics of the car as of Saturday. All the carbon parts are from Zele Performance. More parts are going on the car very soon. Check back for updates and as always, contact us if you´re interested in getting any of the parts on the site.

Sideskirts, fender vents and bonnet NACA scoops.

Zele Performance – Go faster bits

28 Apr{ 0 }

These are just a few of the high quality products that Zele Performance has developed for the R35 GT-R. Contact us at 23GTR.se for pricing and delivery times.





Zele muffler

Zele muffler


Zele diff cooler

Zele diff cooler

Carbon fiber products from Zele Performance

{ 0 }

Here are some of the products from Zele Performance that 23GTR.se are selling. Check back for more products very soon. Contact us for info on pricing and delivery times.


Carbon fender vent

Carbon fender vent


zele side skirt

Carbon side skirts


Carbon front grill

Carbon front grill


Carbon rear under spoiler

Carbon rear under spoiler


Carbon mirror cover

Carbon mirror cover

Front bumper

Front bumper