Mr S. 2011 GT-R with titanium exhaust

17 May{ 0 }

Last week we did the first job on the second generation GT-R. It was a black 2011 (US 2012) Black Edition. We replaced the exhaust with a GTC Titan exhaust and the front brake pads with Carbonetic R-spec items. Mr S will be back later for more upgrades since he´s been bitten by the tuning bug. Here are some pics where you can see the difference between the 2009 and the 2011 models. If you want something done to your GT-R, just get in touch with us.

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Thomas GT-R

26 May{ 0 }

We´ve done some work on Thomas old GT-R but this year he bought a brand new EDM car and he turned to us again to get some work done. We started by installing a Takata harness and moved on with an Akrapovic titanium exhaust. The quality of this exhaust is excellent and the carbon tips is the icing on the cake! If you also want an Akrapovic exhaust or some other parts, get in touch with us.

New GTC Titan exhausts

4 Nov{ 0 }

Our good friends over at GTC have finally released their long awaited GTC Titan exhausts. There´s two versions, the Street Performer and the Race Edition. The Street Performer is made of 80mm pipe with resonators, finished off by four 125mm tips. Sound level is 98dB and weight is 6,4kg. The Race Edition is made of 90mm pipe without resonators and finished with 125mm vented tips. Sound level is 100dB and the weight is 6kg. All exhausts are made in the UK and as you can see from the pics, the welds are very nice. As always, contact us to get your hands on one of these beauties.


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23GTR presents GTC Titan

3 Jun{ 0 }

Our friends over at GTC have developed a line of exhaust parts made of Titanium. These are of very high quality and the price is a lot lower than other titanium exhausts that comes from Japan. Check out the pics and don´t hesitate to contact us if you want to order.




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