Throw Back Thursday

1 Dec{ 0 }

Today we give you a look at some of the Nismo GT-R´s we´ve worked on. There are five of them in Sweden and we´ve worked on three of them. One got a gearbox cooler, one have been tuned (the first Nismo in Europe with an Cobb Accessport) and one got a half cage and a race harness installed. Hope you like the pictures!

If you want some work done to your GT-R, please let us know what we can help you with.

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Busy busy

18 Feb{ 0 }

Even though it´s still winter here in Sweden, we´re very busy as you can see in the pic below. If you want some work done to your car, please get in touch now to book a time, since our calender is filling up quickly.


Black Takata seat belts

4 Jul{ 0 }

Normally we install the green Takata belts in the GT-Rs but this customer wanted the new, black version. Below is the result. Get in touch if you want a 4 point harness in your car. democar for sale

29 May{ 0 }

It´s time to sell the democar to make room for a new project. The complete spec is below. If you´re interested, drop us a mail:

Engine upgrades:

Switzer P800 incl. Cooling Package
Switzer catch tank
HKS Legamax exhaust
COBB Accessport

Gearbox upgrades:

Willall Racing oil
Willall Racing circlips
Willall Racing clutch clips
Dodson Motorsport oil pump upgrade kit

AP Racing J.-hook front brake discs
Performance Friction pads front and rear
Motul RBF600 brake fluid
Willall Racing water cooling for the front brakes

Takata 4-point harness

Zele Performance carbon side skirts
Zele Performance carbon grill
Zele Performance carbon fender vents
Zele Performance carbon bonnet scoops
Zele Performance tail light kit
Password JDM carbon wing
Password JDM carbon trunk
Toyo R888 tires
Whiteline swaybars front and rear

The car does 0-200km/h in under 9 seconds. It holds the record for fastest GT-R at Mantorp Park and has been for the past three years.

Lots of upgrades to Mr. M´s GT-R

30 Mar{ 0 }

Mr M is a long time customer of This time he wanted to make the car even faster on track. Therefore we´ve replaced the swaybars, the front upper suspension arms and added some more power. We swapped out the OEM downpipes and midpipe to free up some flow for the tune. We choose a HKS Legamax resonated midpipe to still keep the noise level in check. Interior wise we installed a carbon bucket seat and Takata 4 point harnesses for both the driver and passenger. Mr M also wanted to upgrade the looks of the car so we installed a set of Zele sideskirts. After a service and a tune he´s ready to hit the tracks, beginning at the Nurburgring in April. Below are some pics of the Whiteline swaybars, the Dodson Motorsport front upper arms and some of the other parts we installed. If you want some work done to your GT-R, get in touch.

More work done to Mr K´s GT-R

9 Feb{ 0 }

In the previous post we showed you how we replaced the wheels on Mr K´s GT-R. That´s not the only work we´ve done to his car. Two sets of Takata 4-point harnesses, a HKS Legamax stainless exhaust and a COBB Accessport also found its way into the car. Here are some pics to show what was done. Mr K was so pleased with the result that he´ll be back when spring comes to get more work done. Remember, we do everything on these cars so don´t hesitate to get in touch.

PWJDM/Tecnocraft carbon seat

11 Mar{ 0 }

We´ve been very busy but now a lot of things are in the works! First up for 2010 is the new carbon seat from our friends at Password JDM/Tecnocraft. The seat was first made for Steves Lambo but so many wanted it that the guys made brackets that suit the GT-R aswell. Check out the pics and shout us an email if you also want a seat or two for your GT-R.

Takata 4 point racing harness installed

6 Sep{ 0 }

Here´s a pic of a customer car which we installed a Takata racing harness into the other day. We run the same harness in our democar and we highly recommend it. It´s one of the most comfortable harnesses we´ve tried. If you want to purchase one, just send us a mail and we´ll hook you up.

takata harness


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