Mr K. is back for a service before going to the Ring

20 Sep{ 0 }

Mr K. is another of our long time customers. He uses his GT-R mostly on track so it needs a lot of service. This time we replaced all the fluids and did some work on the brakes. The front discs and the pads both front and rear was replaced as well as the brake fluid. The car is now ready for the next adventure to the Nurburgring. When Mr K. was at the workshop we couldn´t resist taking a picture of another blue GT-R with some nice aftermarket wheels on it. Mr K´s car is on the left. The car on the right will we show you more of later. If you want to know which wheels the cars have, it´s Volk Racing G2 on the left and Advan Racing GT Premium Edition on the right. Send us a mail if you want to book your GT-R in for a service or if you want a new set of wheels.


The 108th GT-R we´ve worked on is a P800

10 Sep{ 0 }

This is the 108th GT-R we´ve worked on!! Thanks a lot to all our customers for your continued support!

What you see in the pic is the 4″ exhaust from GTC Racing Technology that we´ve installed. What you don´t see is the P800 package from Switzer Performance that´s also there. The transmission was upgraded with parts from Dodson Motorsport. It made 622awhp/712Nm at the dyno.



DSC_0061 (Kopia)

Busy busy

18 Feb{ 0 }

Even though it´s still winter here in Sweden, we´re very busy as you can see in the pic below. If you want some work done to your car, please get in touch now to book a time, since our calender is filling up quickly.


AMS Alpha 9 built by vs lightly tuned Yamaha R1, race #1

11 Jun{ 0 }

We had a bit of fun when we brought two customer cars to an air field event. It was one Switzer P800 and one AMS Alpha 9. We raced them against each other and also the Alpha 9 against a Yamaha R1. The bike had been tuned with a full Akrapovic exhaust, intake filter and Power Commander. This is race #1:

Scandinavias biggest GT-R meet – Open House 2013

5 May{ 0 }

Last year we had 11 GT-Rs at once outside the workshop during our Open House. This year we beat that by a mile! On Saturday May the 4th, we had 20 GT-Rs at the workshop during this years Open House! We´d like to thank everyone that showed up and made this an historic event! We´re already thinking what we can do next to top this. Among the cars were one AMS Alpha 9 and two Switzer P800. All built by us at Here are some pics from the day.

Switzer P800 performance confirmed again

2 Feb{ 0 }

We got a phone call from one of our P800 customers today. He was a bit excited to say the least. He was out driving when he happened to be on an empty section of dry and flat tarmac and had his Driftbox available. He thought, why not try it out and see what numbers come up? So, he floored it from 80km/h in third gear and measured 100-200km/h and also 100-250km/h. The result? The best numbers we´ve seen in Scandinavia! The temperature plays a big part here since it was around 0 deg C outside, but non the less, the result is great. Remember, he was using winter tires as well. In fact, the 100-250 run is faster than what a German magazine measured an AMS Alpha 9 to recently. Below is the picture proof of the run. If you want some more power in your GT-R, get in touch.

Mr. K´s Switzer P800 GT-R

12 Jun{ 0 }

Mr. K is a long time customer of ours. We upgraded the gearbox in his 2009 GT-R he had before. Now he´s got a 2011 GT-R and he wants some more power. We´ll install a Switzer P800 package, just like the one we have on the democar. To make sure it can handle all the power and torque we´re also upgrading the rods and pistons. Just in case Mr. K wants more power later on… When doing this kind of build we always recommend that the gearbox is upgraded as well. That has already been done with a tougher clutch pack along with our usual upgrades for the gearbox from Dodson Motorsport. Stay tuned for more updates. Here are two pics of the car before the modifications started. democar for sale

29 May{ 0 }

It´s time to sell the democar to make room for a new project. The complete spec is below. If you´re interested, drop us a mail:

Engine upgrades:

Switzer P800 incl. Cooling Package
Switzer catch tank
HKS Legamax exhaust
COBB Accessport

Gearbox upgrades:

Willall Racing oil
Willall Racing circlips
Willall Racing clutch clips
Dodson Motorsport oil pump upgrade kit

AP Racing J.-hook front brake discs
Performance Friction pads front and rear
Motul RBF600 brake fluid
Willall Racing water cooling for the front brakes

Takata 4-point harness

Zele Performance carbon side skirts
Zele Performance carbon grill
Zele Performance carbon fender vents
Zele Performance carbon bonnet scoops
Zele Performance tail light kit
Password JDM carbon wing
Password JDM carbon trunk
Toyo R888 tires
Whiteline swaybars front and rear

The car does 0-200km/h in under 9 seconds. It holds the record for fastest GT-R at Mantorp Park and has been for the past three years.

Pics from Open House

13 May{ 0 }

Here are some shots from the Open House we held yesterday. We had some parts on display, both from our own stock and also from our suppliers Ohlins, Akrapovic and Performance Friction Brakes. Ohlins showed the first production units of their new Road & Track dampers for GT-R, which was a world premiere. Two gearboxes were on display so we could show customers the problems and solutions we offer. During the day we performed different work on some customer cars. We installed Alcon 400mm brakes, COBB Accessports, replaced a damaged oil pan and did some oil changes among other work. When it was done we served some burgers, hot dogs and cold drinks.
We´d like to thank all of our customers and suppliers that joined us on this day.

6 x GT-R at

28 Apr{ 0 }

All the sales back in January had to turn into physical work at some point. Last week some of the cars were gathered so we didn´t want to miss the opportunity to take a couple of pictures. Even though you can´t see it in the pictures, this is a good example of all the different work we do. It ranges from a simple stage 1 tune with exhaust and COBB Accessport through the mighty P800 Package from Switzer to gearbox upgrades and repairs aswell as brake upgrades. Simply put, we do everything with these cars. If you want something done to your GT-R, don´t hesitate to get in touch with us. Thanks to our customer Erik who took the pictures.

Switzer P800 customer car 1

21 Mar{ 0 }

As we wrote in the last post, we sold two P800 packages in January. One is aready installed and the other one will be done during April. As you can see in the pics below, the first car also got a new set of pistons and rods. In this car we used Mahle pistons and Carillo rods. The detail and quality of both these parts are extremely high. As usual when a P800 is installed, there´s also a cooling package to keep the temps in check. The radiator and intercoolers are as big as possibly can fit into the car. We also installed a set of AP Racing brake discs in the front.

If you also want your GT-R to get some better punch, just get in touch. at the GTBOARD event

26 May{ 0 }

We got an invitation from Gustav that runs GTBOARD, to participate in the latest GTBOARD event. Since we tried it last year when the democar was standard we thought we´d give it a go now that we got it upgraded. Last year we met a Koenigsegg CCR and didn´t stand a chance. This year the result was a bit better. See for yourself in the video below. And remember: If you want your GT-R to go faster, we are specialized in doing just that, so get in touch! vs Koenigsegg:

APP/ is Switzer Scandinavia

16 Mar{ 0 }

APP/ is proud to announce that we have started a cooperation with Switzer Performance Innovation from the US. We´ll sell their complete lineup of parts and we´re also installing a P800 PKG in our demo GT-R at the moment. The car is almost finished and we can´t wait to see what this season will bring.

See the outstanding performance in the clip below where Oleg from Russia drives his P800 kited GT-R against a Hayabusa. If you´re interested in a Switzer package for your GT-R, just contact us and we´ll make sure you´ll be the fastest GT-R around.

Switzer P800 vs Hayabusa

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