Team Icericers new look for the summer of 2013

3 Jul{ 0 }

Team Icericers were back at the shop to get some parts installed. This time we replaced the seats with two Recaro Pole Position and we also installed a HKS gearbox cooler. Before they came into the shop, they picked the car up at the wrapping company. They made the car look like an old Viggen fighter jet from the Swedish Air Force.

Recaros in a Porsche 997 Turbo

17 Aug{ 0 }

A customer of ours saw the work we did with Thomas GT-R, where we installed a set of special Recaro leather seats, and decided he wanted the same type of seats in his Porsche Turbo. He choose to have a mix of leather and alcantara. Well, here is the result. Both the customer and we are very happy. If you need parts for your Porsche, don´t hesitate to contact us. Remember, we sell Switzers power upgrades not only for GT-R´s but for Porsches as well.

Recaros in Thomas GT-R

3 Aug{ 0 }

Today I went to Stockholm to install a set of Recaro leather seats in a customers GT-R. The model is called Recaro Profi SPG XL. You can see the result below. If you want a set for your GT-R, just send us an email. The price is actually very good considering they are a special order, remade in leather instead of the normal fabric. Here are some pics:


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