Öppet Hus 2018

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För sjunde gången bjuder vi in till Öppet Hus den 26 maj! Det är Sveriges största GT-R träff och ett uppskattat sätt att träffa andra ägare. Vi visar upp våran Time Attack GT-R som fått ett rörramschassi inför den här säsongen. På plats finns även en av endast två mattgrå Nismo GT-R i Sverige. En väldigt unik bil med andra ord. Som vanligt bjuder vi på våra populära hamburgare, dryck och kaffe.


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Throw Back Thursday

1 Dec{ 0 }

Today we give you a look at some of the Nismo GT-R´s we´ve worked on. There are five of them in Sweden and we´ve worked on three of them. One got a gearbox cooler, one have been tuned (the first Nismo in Europe with an Cobb Accessport) and one got a half cage and a race harness installed. Hope you like the pictures!

If you want some work done to your GT-R, please let us know what we can help you with.

DSC_0614_web dsc_0401_web dsc_0772_web

imag2674_web DSC_0617_web DSC_0616_web DSC_0623_web




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Time Attack GT-R from Custom Motor Show

30 Apr{ 0 }

Thanks goes to Steffens Foto for taking this awesome picture of our Time Attack GT-R at the Custom Motor Show! We post all the latest info about this project on our Instagram which you find here:




First Nismo GT-R in Sweden

29 Apr{ 0 }

Some time ago we had a visit from the first Nismo GT-R in Sweden. It´s an old customer of ours that owns it. The car is really special and all the carbon bits gives it a more aggressive look. Here are some pictures for you.


DSC_0633_web DSC_0614_web DSC_0616_web DSC_0617_web DSC_0621_web DSC_0622_web DSC_0623_web DSC_0625_web DSC_0628_webDSC_0626_webDSC_0645_web   DSC_0612_web

Our Time Attack GT-R is official!

18 Mar{ 0 }

Here it is! Our competitor for this years Time Attack series in Sweden! It´s a GT-R with a GT3 carbon body kit from Nismo. The car will have the AWD system from the street car, in modified form. The engine will have around 1000hp and a modified gearbox to cope with it. We´ve gotten ourselves a pro driver that will drive the car. It´s Alx Danielsson, who´s one of Sweden´s most successful drivers of all time. The first race is at Kinnekulle Ring 22-23 of May. A lot more info will be posted during the season. In the meantime enjoy the below pictures of the car. And if you feel the urge to have your own GT3 GT-R built, just get in touch and we´ll make your dreams come true!









More carbon parts arrived

6 Nov{ 0 }

Last week we got the next shipment of parts for our Time Attack project. Below is a sneak peak at the front fenders, which are a lot wider than the OEM ones. It almost looks like it´s installed in the wrong position, but it´s not. It really is THAT much wider. Stay tuned for more parts we´ll show you later on.

GT3 carbon front fender

The first modified 2014 GT-R in Sweden?

17 Sep{ 0 }

No, it´s our long time customer Mr S. that continues to modify his 2009 GT-R. We showed you before that we replaced the rear lights with the 2014 model. Now it was time to do the rest. And what a job it was! We didn´t only replace the headlights. Mr S. decided he wanted to do a full upgrade to the 2014 look, minus the wheels. So, we installed the following new DBA parts:

* Front bumper
* Front splitter
* Rear diffuser
* Lower rear bumper
* Engine room harness

This is probably the biggest “cosmetic” job we´ve done, since it was so much work to replace the engine room harness. Both we and Mr S. are very happy with the result though. If you like the new 2014 look and want us to upgrade your car as well, don´t hesitate to contact us.


DSC_0351 [1600x1200]



DSC_0323 [1600x1200]


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Time to reveal our new project

12 May{ 0 }

Since our Open House is over and we´ve shown our customers what we´ve been teasing you with the last few days, it´s time to reveal it here as well. The plan is to build a Time Attack GT-R which will be ready for the 2015 season. Therefore we´ve bought an almost complete body kit from a Nismo GT3 GT-R. The base car is a brand new 2012 GT-R which we´ve started disassembling. So, what do you think? Are we completely nuts or is it cool in just the right way?

DSC_3681 (Kopia) DSC_3680 (Kopia)

A teaser before 23GTR.se Open House 2014

7 May{ 0 }

Here´s a sneak peek at what our customers will see at our Open House on Saturday May 10th. It´s very light, it´s got race pedigree and it´s very limited. More will be shown after Saturday. If you want to join us at our Open House, let us know by sending an email.


2014 tail lights installed

1 May{ 0 }

Today we replaced the rear lights on our customers 2009 GT-R with the new 2014 version. We also took some pictures that show what they look like when we have the GTC tail light kit installed which turns all four lights on at the same time. The final two pictures show difference between before and after we installed a GT-R Nismo gear knob in the same car. We can supply any Nissan or Nismo part you want for your car.

DSC_3674_web DSC_3675_web

DSC_3682_web DSC_3684_web

DSC_3677_web DSC_3679_web


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23GTR.se at the Geneva Auto Salon – New GT-R and Juke Nismo Concept

9 Mar{ 0 }

This year 23GTR.se is visiting the Geneva Auto Salon. We´re invited to the Nissan stand as VIP guests and we´re really enjoying it. We´ve met some really nice and cool people from both Nissan Sweden and Nissan Europe. Below are some pics of the cars that Nissan has on display. Of course they have the new 2012 550bhp GT-R, but also a very cool Nismo Juke Concept. The Juke-R that Nissan did was übercool and this is like a mix of that and the normal Juke. Nismo did their magic on the handling, looks and interior and you can see the result below. If you ask me, this will be a huge hit! I think it looks great! I just hope it drives as good as it looks. This is a very nice first result of Nismo to enter the European market. More models will follow but the Nismo Juke will go into production before the end of this year. I hope it´ll look just like this! Don´t have any high hopes for a big power upgrade, that´s simply not the way Nismo work. It´s more about balance. Now, over to the pics.


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