9 Sep{ 0 }

After a summer with too much work, we´re back with the most powerful car that´s been on the roller´s of AG:s i Norrköping´s dyno! The new record numbers are 1139.8 whp and 1011.4Nm! A huge thanks to our customer and also to Tony at AG:s who made a great job with the mapping as usual!

To give you an idea of what numbers we usually see on this dyno, a Full Bolt On GT-R on E85 puts out between 550 and 570whp.
If you want to have more power in your GT-R, get in touch and we´ll help you achieve your goals.


Gearbox problem solved

3 Mar{ 0 }

This nice blue GT-R came into the shop with a gearbox problem. We solved it and now it´s ready to be delivered.
Send us an email if you want to upgrade your gearbox to avoid problems.


Major gearbox headache

16 Sep{ 0 }

This car have caused the owner a lot of headache. He hadn´t seen the car for 6 months when he picked it up from us. The reason is that another shop were supposed to fix the gearbox when it failed, but they didn´t have the correct knowledge, tools or spare parts to do the job correctly.

We found a number of faults in the gearbox that we fixed. Here are a few:

* Only 3 of 21 bolts to the oil tray were standard. The reason was that they had damaged a lot of the threads and decided to use longer bolts instead of repairing the threads. We had to repair 10 of 21 threads.

* Both the o-rings for the heat exchanger and the gasket to the oil tray had sealant on them instead of using new parts when assembling the box.

* The pinion gear and output shaft for the FWD in the box were damaged. See pictures below. Instead of replacing them with new parts had someone tried to grind them!

* The magnets in the oil tray hadn´t been cleaned.

* One of the 5 bolts that hold the solenoid pack was completely loose.

* There was a lot of dirt in the box, even though it was supposed to be cleaned and overhauled.

Hopefully the car will work for a long time now.


DSC_0208 (Kopia)

DSC_0211 (Kopia)

DSC_0213 (Kopia)

More broken drivetrain parts

13 Sep{ 0 }

Here are some more parts that we´ve replaced the last few weeks. A broken front differential, upgrading a few gearboxes and also repairing some FWD clutch assemblies. We are the only ones in Scandinavia that are Dodson Pro Dealers, which means we have been trained by Dodson on the GT-R gearboxes. If you have some problem with your gearbox, make sure your car gets repaired by us.






The 108th GT-R we´ve worked on is a P800

10 Sep{ 0 }

This is the 108th GT-R we´ve worked on!! Thanks a lot to all our customers for your continued support!

What you see in the pic is the 4″ exhaust from GTC Racing Technology that we´ve installed. What you don´t see is the P800 package from Switzer Performance that´s also there. The transmission was upgraded with parts from Dodson Motorsport. It made 622awhp/712Nm at the dyno.



DSC_0061 (Kopia)

Broken front differential

9 Sep{ 0 }

This GT-R had a broken front differential. We replaced it, we did a Stage 1 gearbox upgrade including a FWD clutch pack upgrade and adjustment and we also did an oil service. All parts from Dodson Motorsport. If you want to upgrade your gearbox, let us know and we´ll help you out.

DSC_0160 [1600x1200] DSC_0154 [1600x1200]

The dyno result for the most powerful GT-R in Scandinavia

12 Jun{ 0 }

This was the result. We were sniffing at 1100awhp but had to turn down the boost due to surge. We´ll be back on the dyno as soon as we´ve replaced the turbo inlet pipes to claim the dyno record which is 1099whp.


Time to reveal our new project

12 May{ 0 }

Since our Open House is over and we´ve shown our customers what we´ve been teasing you with the last few days, it´s time to reveal it here as well. The plan is to build a Time Attack GT-R which will be ready for the 2015 season. Therefore we´ve bought an almost complete body kit from a Nismo GT3 GT-R. The base car is a brand new 2012 GT-R which we´ve started disassembling. So, what do you think? Are we completely nuts or is it cool in just the right way?

DSC_3681 (Kopia) DSC_3680 (Kopia)

Stage 1 gearbox upgrade and more

15 Apr{ 0 }

This GT-R is probably the best maintained GT-R in Sweden. It´s in amazing condition and it´s also very low mileage. It came into our shop to get a Stage 1 gearbox upgrade, a service and some other small work done.


Busy busy

18 Feb{ 0 }

Even though it´s still winter here in Sweden, we´re very busy as you can see in the pic below. If you want some work done to your car, please get in touch now to book a time, since our calender is filling up quickly.


Repairing the FWD clutch assembly

16 Oct{ 0 }

This car came in with a damaged gearbox. The damage was primarily to the FWD clutch assembly. As you can see from the pictures, the FWD pinion has snapped and it´s damaged the clutch assembly from the inside. The bearing is also damaged (behind the green plastic). On the FWD output shaft, the bearing has completely disintegrated and of course needed to be replaced. While we were at it, we upgraded it to a stronger bearing from Dodson Motorsport. The gearbox casing was also damaged so that was replaced as well. It´s not often that the damage is this severe, but it can happen when the gearbox isn´t upgraded enough when the power and torque is raised through tuning.

DSC_2942 [1600x1200] DSC_2945 [1600x1200] DSC_2944 [1600x1200] DSC_2943 [1600x1200]

A picture of a lot of gearbox work

15 Oct{ 0 }

All the cars in the back row needed some kind of gearbox work. From a complete gearset on one car to repairing the FWD clutch assembly on another. No two cars are the same. The car in front got a service before it was sold. The wheels from that car are for sale if you´re interested.


PPG gear sets in stock

6 Sep{ 0 }

This is just one of 5 complete PPG gear sets we have in stock. A few of them are spoken for and ordered by our customers, but we still have one set left if you want to upgrade the gearbox in your car. Don´t hesitate to get in touch, since they are selling fast and production is limited to 50 sets each run.

DSC_2910 [1600x1200]

We´re back from holiday and busier than ever!

4 Sep{ 0 }

After a well deserved holiday we´re now back and the cars are queuing to get in and get work done. We have a lot of gearboxes that will be both upgraded and repaired during the autumn. In a later post, we´ll show you the parts we´ve ordered to make all the gearboxes work. In the meantime, here´s a pic that shows some of the cars outside the shop.


4th gear broken this time

2 Jul{ 0 }

It seems like it´s the season for broken gearboxes right now. This GT-R came into the shop and when we took the box apart we found a broken 4th gear. Luckily for the customer, we had parts in stock, so it will be up and running again next week. We just want to point out that we hadn´t done any work on the car before the failure. If you want to upgrade your gearbox, don´t hesitate to contact us.

Our 6th customer from Finland!

22 May{ 0 }

In this post we show you the result of our Stage 2 power upgrade that we installed on the 6th car we´ve worked on from Finland. The dyno shows 531hp and 660Nm at the wheels. This is the highest numbers we´ve got on any Stage 2 upgrade so we´re very happy. If you are curious what Stage 2 is, these are the parts that´s included:

COBB Accessport
Complete exhaust including downpipes
Intake pipes and air filters
Individual mapping on Mustang dyno

We also installed our Stage 1 transmission upgrade. That´s new circlips, oil pump upgrade, more magnets in the oil tray and better oil. Below are some pics of the car and the dyno sheet.

Another broken gearbox

20 May{ 0 }

This car came into the shop with a broken gearbox. It´s 5th gear that´s given up and needs replacing. We just want to point out that we haven´t done any work on the car before it came in with this problem. For those that wants to know, the car is not stock. It´s got a GT800 kit from HKS installed. The gearbox was simply not upgraded enough to handle the power and torque. Since we are Dodson Pro Dealer, we´ll make sure it´s stronger than ever after we´ve upgraded it.


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Another gearbox upgraded

15 Mar{ 0 }

This time the customer wanted our stage 1 upgrade and also added a first gear kit and a stronger shift fork. The stage 1 kit consists of Gear Lock, Mechanical circlips 1 and 2, additional magnets for the oil tray, oil pump upgrade, better oil and a clean of the solenoid pack. This is a very good investment to make sure the circlips won´t fall off and cause damage to the box. Get in touch if you want us to upgrade the gearbox in your GT-R.

Mr. J´s 2011 GT-R gets some TLC

30 Aug{ 0 }

Mr J bought some a set of rims from us last year. Even though he´s only done around 4000kms in the car, he´s back for a small service and to get some more power. First we cleaned the gearbox solenoids and oil tray when we replaced the oil. Then we installed a HKS Legamax midpipe and catback exhaust. That together with a COBB Accessport released some more power. Since the injectors were maxed out we replaced those along with the intake pipes and air filters. The result is a modest power upgrade with a nicer sound and with fresh oil in the gearbox. This is just a small example of all the work we do with these cars. If you want something done, get in touch.

Update of Mr. K´s Switzer P800 build

14 Jun{ 0 }

As we wrote in our previous post, the gearbox was upgraded on Mr. K´s GT-R. Here are a few pictures of what was installed and also of some other things we´ve done. The first pic shows the gearbox parts we installed. Clutch pack, circlips, gear lock, pan filter kit and oil pump upgrade. What´s not shown is the oil we filled it with. The next pic shows the drain plug of the front differential. We´ve cleaned half of it so you can see just how much dirt the magnet has picked up. If you´re tracking your car, we recommend changing the diff oil sooner than Nissan recommends. The last pic shows the magnet in the oil pan. Again, we´ve cleaned half of it so you get an idea of how much dirt is collected by the magnet and how important it is to use more magnets in the oil pan, not less.
If you want some work done to your car, just get in touch.

Mr. K´s Switzer P800 GT-R

12 Jun{ 0 }

Mr. K is a long time customer of ours. We upgraded the gearbox in his 2009 GT-R he had before. Now he´s got a 2011 GT-R and he wants some more power. We´ll install a Switzer P800 package, just like the one we have on the democar. To make sure it can handle all the power and torque we´re also upgrading the rods and pistons. Just in case Mr. K wants more power later on… When doing this kind of build we always recommend that the gearbox is upgraded as well. That has already been done with a tougher clutch pack along with our usual upgrades for the gearbox from Dodson Motorsport. Stay tuned for more updates. Here are two pics of the car before the modifications started.

23GTR.se democar for sale

29 May{ 0 }

It´s time to sell the democar to make room for a new project. The complete spec is below. If you´re interested, drop us a mail: info@23gtr.se

Engine upgrades:

Switzer P800 incl. Cooling Package
Switzer catch tank
HKS Legamax exhaust
COBB Accessport

Gearbox upgrades:

Willall Racing oil
Willall Racing circlips
Willall Racing clutch clips
Dodson Motorsport oil pump upgrade kit

AP Racing J.-hook front brake discs
Performance Friction pads front and rear
Motul RBF600 brake fluid
Willall Racing water cooling for the front brakes

Takata 4-point harness

Zele Performance carbon side skirts
Zele Performance carbon grill
Zele Performance carbon fender vents
Zele Performance carbon bonnet scoops
Zele Performance tail light kit
Password JDM carbon wing
Password JDM carbon trunk
Toyo R888 tires
Whiteline swaybars front and rear

The car does 0-200km/h in under 9 seconds. It holds the record for fastest GT-R at Mantorp Park and has been for the past three years.

Pics from Open House

13 May{ 0 }

Here are some shots from the Open House we held yesterday. We had some parts on display, both from our own stock and also from our suppliers Ohlins, Akrapovic and Performance Friction Brakes. Ohlins showed the first production units of their new Road & Track dampers for GT-R, which was a world premiere. Two gearboxes were on display so we could show customers the problems and solutions we offer. During the day we performed different work on some customer cars. We installed Alcon 400mm brakes, COBB Accessports, replaced a damaged oil pan and did some oil changes among other work. When it was done we served some burgers, hot dogs and cold drinks.
We´d like to thank all of our customers and suppliers that joined us on this day.

Damaged gearboxes

17 Mar{ 0 }

As most GT-R owners are aware by now, the gearbox is the weakest link in the car. And as you´ve seen before, we´ve done a lot of different work on these boxes by now. Here are a few more examples of the problems we´ve seen, and the solutions we´ve used.

The first pic shows a broken synchro ring on the left, a fully working OEM ring in the middle and an upgraded one from Dodson Motorsport on the right. What you need to look for on the left one are the missing stop teeth. That´s the weak part on these rings and you can also see the difference in design on the Dodson ring.

The next three pictures show what it looks like when a circlip comes loose. You can see the damaged shaft, the amount of metal debris on the magnets and the loose circlip that was found in the box. This is not uncommon so we highly recommend replacing the circlips if you do any gearbox work. We recommend it even if you´re not running high power in your GT-R. These failures were on cars that ran maximum stage 1 tuning.

GR6 work again

13 Feb{ 0 }

Here are more pics of some of the gearbox work we´ve done. This time it´s a FWD clutch housing that´s broken. To repair it, we use the upgraded Dodson housing which is heavy duty compared to the OEM. There is also a pic that shows the input shaft to the FWD clutch. The clutches have burnt and stuck to each other. That caused the shaft to twist and then the housing broke. The last a pic shows the difference between an OEM broken clutch basket and a new Dodson one. You can clearly see the difference in material thickness.

More GR6 gearbox work

8 Feb{ 0 }

As we´ve said many times before, we do EVERYTHING on GT-R´s. During the autumn and winter, we´ve been busy with gearbox upgrades and repairs. We´ve replaced oil pressure sensors, clutches, clutch baskets, gears etc. We´ve also cleaned solenoids, gear actuators and so on. Here are a few pictures to illustrate this. If you want to get a stronger box that won´t let you loose any sleep at night, get in touch.

23GTR.se is Dodson Motorsport Pro Dealer!

9 Aug{ 0 }

We´ve just had a visit from Glenn from Dodson Motorsport. He´s given us some training on the gearboxes so now we´re authorized Pro Dealer for Dodson Motorsport! The only one in Scandinavia! If you want to make your GR6 box stronger, perform better or just make an overhaul, don´t hesitate to get in touch with us. There´s tons of stuff that can be done to make the box work better, last longer and run smoother.


6 x GT-R at 23GTR.se

28 Apr{ 0 }

All the sales back in January had to turn into physical work at some point. Last week some of the cars were gathered so we didn´t want to miss the opportunity to take a couple of pictures. Even though you can´t see it in the pictures, this is a good example of all the different work we do. It ranges from a simple stage 1 tune with exhaust and COBB Accessport through the mighty P800 Package from Switzer to gearbox upgrades and repairs aswell as brake upgrades. Simply put, we do everything with these cars. If you want something done to your GT-R, don´t hesitate to get in touch with us. Thanks to our customer Erik who took the pictures.

GT-R GR6 gearbox repairs and upgrades

6 Nov{ 0 }

We´ve been doing transmission repairs and upgrades for over a year now and we are both Dodson Motorsport and Willall Racing dealers. We can do any upgrade or repair you might want to have done, so don´t hesitate to contact us. Needless to say, we also have a Nissan Consult III diagnostic tool so we can do all of the necessary adjustments and diagnotics. Here are just a few examples of the work we´ve done to customer cars.

Willall Racing parts installed in democar

26 May{ 0 }

Since the Switzer P800 kit is tried and tested on the democar with brilliant results, it was time to turn our attention to the gearbox. And since we have a great supplier in Willall Racing we didn´t have to look too far to find the right parts. The gearbox in the democar has been upgraded with WR35CC gear fastener system, WR35CCL clutch retaining clips and WR35PS piston seal replacement. We have these parts in stock and can of course help you get the job done on your car. If you want to upgrade the gearbox in your car, just drop us a mail and we´ll help you out. We are one of very few workshops in Europe that have experience of working with the GR6 box in the GT-R.

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