Mr. K´s Switzer P800 GT-R

12 Jun{ 0 }

Mr. K is a long time customer of ours. We upgraded the gearbox in his 2009 GT-R he had before. Now he´s got a 2011 GT-R and he wants some more power. We´ll install a Switzer P800 package, just like the one we have on the democar. To make sure it can handle all the power and torque we´re also upgrading the rods and pistons. Just in case Mr. K wants more power later on… When doing this kind of build we always recommend that the gearbox is upgraded as well. That has already been done with a tougher clutch pack along with our usual upgrades for the gearbox from Dodson Motorsport. Stay tuned for more updates. Here are two pics of the car before the modifications started.

Pics from Open House

13 May{ 0 }

Here are some shots from the Open House we held yesterday. We had some parts on display, both from our own stock and also from our suppliers Ohlins, Akrapovic and Performance Friction Brakes. Ohlins showed the first production units of their new Road & Track dampers for GT-R, which was a world premiere. Two gearboxes were on display so we could show customers the problems and solutions we offer. During the day we performed different work on some customer cars. We installed Alcon 400mm brakes, COBB Accessports, replaced a damaged oil pan and did some oil changes among other work. When it was done we served some burgers, hot dogs and cold drinks.
We´d like to thank all of our customers and suppliers that joined us on this day.

Open House will be Scandinavias biggest GT-R meet!

10 May{ 0 }

Yes, even before we´ve held the event, our Open House is a success! At the moment we have 18 cars that will participate, making this the biggest GT-R meet in Scandinavia by far! Our customers are coming all the way from Luleå in the north of Sweden down to Trelleborg in the far south. We´re really happy that so many will show up, even though many of our long time customers can´t make it.

Two companies will show their products during the day. First is Öhlins who will show the prototypes for their Road & Track coilovers for GT-R that they will start producing this summer.

Secondly it´s PEAN Sweden that will show brake upgrades and Akrapovic exhaust systems.

If you want to join the fun on Saturday, drop us a mail and tell us you´re coming.

Mr. K´s GT-R is back

6 Apr{ 0 }

Yes, Mr. K is back for more upgrades. Since he did 15 trackdays last year, the front brake discs couldn´t take it any more. The OEM discs are prone to crack so we replaced them with some 400mm Alcon discs instead. We replaced the brake pads before so now Mr. K should be able to cut his lap times a bit. While the car was here we also installed some carbon goodies from Zele Performance. The sideskirts, fender vents and bonnet scoops were replaced. It really looks good with the blue colour of the car. As usual, if you want something done, get in touch.