Öppet Hus 2018

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För sjunde gången bjuder vi in till Öppet Hus den 26 maj! Det är Sveriges största GT-R träff och ett uppskattat sätt att träffa andra ägare. Vi visar upp våran Time Attack GT-R som fått ett rörramschassi inför den här säsongen. På plats finns även en av endast två mattgrå Nismo GT-R i Sverige. En väldigt unik bil med andra ord. Som vanligt bjuder vi på våra populära hamburgare, dryck och kaffe.


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Throw Back Thursday

1 Dec{ 0 }

Today we give you a look at some of the Nismo GT-R´s we´ve worked on. There are five of them in Sweden and we´ve worked on three of them. One got a gearbox cooler, one have been tuned (the first Nismo in Europe with an Cobb Accessport) and one got a half cage and a race harness installed. Hope you like the pictures!

If you want some work done to your GT-R, please let us know what we can help you with.

DSC_0614_web dsc_0401_web dsc_0772_web

imag2674_web DSC_0617_web DSC_0616_web DSC_0623_web




????????????????????????????????????DSC_0612_web DSC_0628_web DSC_0625_web


9 Sep{ 0 }

After a summer with too much work, we´re back with the most powerful car that´s been on the roller´s of AG:s i Norrköping´s dyno! The new record numbers are 1139.8 whp and 1011.4Nm! A huge thanks to our customer and also to Tony at AG:s who made a great job with the mapping as usual!

To give you an idea of what numbers we usually see on this dyno, a Full Bolt On GT-R on E85 puts out between 550 and 570whp.
If you want to have more power in your GT-R, get in touch and we´ll help you achieve your goals.


Transmission cooler

1 May{ 0 }

This low mileage 2010 GT-R was in the shop to get ready for the track season. It´s an old customer of ours that owns it and we´ve done a lot of work on the car before. This time we installed a South Side Performance transmission cooler and did the yearly maintenance. It´s one of the nicest and most well kept GT-R´s we´ve seen.

11059203_613453188755119_1850071902322967716_n 11156359_613453198755118_846583943844842114_n

Time Attack GT-R from Custom Motor Show

30 Apr{ 0 }

Thanks goes to Steffens Foto for taking this awesome picture of our Time Attack GT-R at the Custom Motor Show! We post all the latest info about this project on our Instagram which you find here:




Another FBO GT-R ready

29 Apr{ 0 }

Another FBO (Full Bolt On) GT-R with Flex Fuel is ready for delivery. This have become more or less the default choice for our customers that wants a fast car for reasonable money. The E85 gives another 40-50 awhp on top of the 500-520 that the 98 octane delivers. The results for this car were 526awhp/639awNm on 98 octane and 568awhp/723awNm on E85. We also did a Stage 1 upgrade on the gearbox on this car.



First Nismo GT-R in Sweden

{ 0 }

Some time ago we had a visit from the first Nismo GT-R in Sweden. It´s an old customer of ours that owns it. The car is really special and all the carbon bits gives it a more aggressive look. Here are some pictures for you.


DSC_0633_web DSC_0614_web DSC_0616_web DSC_0617_web DSC_0621_web DSC_0622_web DSC_0623_web DSC_0625_web DSC_0628_webDSC_0626_webDSC_0645_web   DSC_0612_web

Open House 2015

28 Apr{ 0 }

Just a small reminder that our annual Open House is held on May 9th this year. We continue on the success of the previous years and look forward to meeting a lot of old and new customers. You´ll have a chance to see our Time Attack GT-R as well. We´ll serve hamburgers, hot dogs, coffee and cold drinks during the day. Don´t forget to let us know if you plan to attend. Warm welcome!


Carbon parts to Germany

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A while ago we shipped some GT3 carbon parts to a customer in Germany. It was a set of doors, a front bumper and a set of side skirts. If you want some GT3 carbon parts for your GT-R, just get in touch.

















GT3 GT-R Time Attack brakes

27 Mar{ 0 }

The brake cailpers for our Time Attack GT-R have arrived. It´s a set of Brembo GT calipers. They weigh 40% less than the OEM calipers. This is pure fabrication porn so maybe we should label it NSFW? Thanks goes to Brembo and LM Motorsports for supplying them.

2015-03-24 10.56.25

2015-03-17 15.08.10

2015-03-17 15.07.18-1

Track prep

{ 0 }

This red GT-R was in for some service and track prep ahead of the season. The owner is a gentleman that uses the car for a lot of track work so we installed new brake pads and discs from Performance Friction.


Our Time Attack GT-R is official!

18 Mar{ 0 }

Here it is! Our competitor for this years Time Attack series in Sweden! It´s a GT-R with a GT3 carbon body kit from Nismo. The car will have the AWD system from the street car, in modified form. The engine will have around 1000hp and a modified gearbox to cope with it. We´ve gotten ourselves a pro driver that will drive the car. It´s Alx Danielsson, who´s one of Sweden´s most successful drivers of all time. The first race is at Kinnekulle Ring 22-23 of May. A lot more info will be posted during the season. In the meantime enjoy the below pictures of the car. And if you feel the urge to have your own GT3 GT-R built, just get in touch and we´ll make your dreams come true!









New supplier: Paoli pit equipment

3 Mar{ 0 }

Paoli makes pit equipment such as wheel guns, sockets, air bottles, hoses etc. for the motorsport industry. They´re supplying teams in F1, NASCAR, Indy, WRC and many other motorsports. If you want professional eqiupment, Paoli is the right brand for you! Below are a few of the tools in action. Don´t hesitate to get in touch if you want the best pit stop equipment in the industry!






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Gearbox problem solved

{ 0 }

This nice blue GT-R came into the shop with a gearbox problem. We solved it and now it´s ready to be delivered.
Send us an email if you want to upgrade your gearbox to avoid problems.


More carbon parts arrived

6 Nov{ 0 }

Last week we got the next shipment of parts for our Time Attack project. Below is a sneak peak at the front fenders, which are a lot wider than the OEM ones. It almost looks like it´s installed in the wrong position, but it´s not. It really is THAT much wider. Stay tuned for more parts we´ll show you later on.

GT3 carbon front fender

Next E85 tuned GT-R is ready

18 Sep{ 0 }

We recently finished this 2013 GT-R that got a Flex Fuel upgrade. The result was 553awhp and 671Nm on E85. We tested it back in January when it was stock. Then it had 425awhp. We also ran it earlier this summer when we upgraded it to Stage 2. Then it had 486awhp on 98 octane. If you think your GT-R need more power, just let us know and we´ll help you out.

2014-09-09 10.09.36

Major gearbox headache

16 Sep{ 0 }

This car have caused the owner a lot of headache. He hadn´t seen the car for 6 months when he picked it up from us. The reason is that another shop were supposed to fix the gearbox when it failed, but they didn´t have the correct knowledge, tools or spare parts to do the job correctly.

We found a number of faults in the gearbox that we fixed. Here are a few:

* Only 3 of 21 bolts to the oil tray were standard. The reason was that they had damaged a lot of the threads and decided to use longer bolts instead of repairing the threads. We had to repair 10 of 21 threads.

* Both the o-rings for the heat exchanger and the gasket to the oil tray had sealant on them instead of using new parts when assembling the box.

* The pinion gear and output shaft for the FWD in the box were damaged. See pictures below. Instead of replacing them with new parts had someone tried to grind them!

* The magnets in the oil tray hadn´t been cleaned.

* One of the 5 bolts that hold the solenoid pack was completely loose.

* There was a lot of dirt in the box, even though it was supposed to be cleaned and overhauled.

Hopefully the car will work for a long time now.


DSC_0208 (Kopia)

DSC_0211 (Kopia)

DSC_0213 (Kopia)

Norwegian GT-R getting some help

15 Sep{ 0 }

Jon from Norway called us. He had some problems with his car. He got a new engine installed under warranty by Nissan, but it didn´t give full boost. We found the fault and Jon is now on his way home, being very happy that the car is back to full power.


Service before the next Ring trip

11 Sep{ 0 }

Andreas stopped by the workshop to get his car ready for the next Ring adventure. Do you like his personalized license plate?


The 108th GT-R we´ve worked on is a P800

10 Sep{ 0 }

This is the 108th GT-R we´ve worked on!! Thanks a lot to all our customers for your continued support!

What you see in the pic is the 4″ exhaust from GTC Racing Technology that we´ve installed. What you don´t see is the P800 package from Switzer Performance that´s also there. The transmission was upgraded with parts from Dodson Motorsport. It made 622awhp/712Nm at the dyno.



DSC_0061 (Kopia)

BMW 335 + COBB Accessport = happy customer

8 Sep{ 0 }

Here´s something we normally don´t work with. Tommi from Finland visited our shop with his nice BMW 335 to get a COBB Accessport installed. We managed to cut 3.2sec off his 100-200km/h time with the stage 1 map in the car. Not a bad result and Tommi was very happy. If you have a BMW or any other car that can run an Accessport, just get in touch and we´ll make your car faster, just like Tommi´s.


The dyno result for the most powerful GT-R in Scandinavia

12 Jun{ 0 }

This was the result. We were sniffing at 1100awhp but had to turn down the boost due to surge. We´ll be back on the dyno as soon as we´ve replaced the turbo inlet pipes to claim the dyno record which is 1099whp.


Scandinavias most powerful GT-R!

11 Jun{ 0 }

It´s been a long time coming but today we ran the 1000hp project on the dyno. The goal of 1100awhp was not reached, but it´s still Scandinavias most powerful GT-R by some margin. We´d like to thank our customer, Tony at AG:s and of course Ryan from Syvecs Ltd who mapped the car.

Boost was turned down for safety reasons so the car has more power in it when we make some changes to the setup. We´ll just leave this picture here and let you guess how much power it made. The video clip will be up in a day or two.


Time to reveal our new project

12 May{ 0 }

Since our Open House is over and we´ve shown our customers what we´ve been teasing you with the last few days, it´s time to reveal it here as well. The plan is to build a Time Attack GT-R which will be ready for the 2015 season. Therefore we´ve bought an almost complete body kit from a Nismo GT3 GT-R. The base car is a brand new 2012 GT-R which we´ve started disassembling. So, what do you think? Are we completely nuts or is it cool in just the right way?

DSC_3681 (Kopia) DSC_3680 (Kopia)

Open House 2014

11 May{ 0 }

We want to say a huge thanks to everybody that visited our Open House yesterday! 17 GT-R´s were present during the day. In the picture there´s 15, but we had two that showed up late.

The 458 owner also has a GT-R but his son was driving it yesterday so he showed up in the “other” car.


The red GT-R is finished

8 May{ 0 }

Today we finished a customer car that we´ve been working on for some time. We upgraded the gearbox with our Stage 1 kit plus a stronger clutch basket and 1st gear kit. The engine was tuned with a COBB Accessport Flex Fuel map, downpipes, intake kit, injectors and fuel pumps. The car already had a Meisterschaft exhaust installed. We also installed a KW Sleeve kit to be able to lower the car. The result was 551awhp on E85 on the Mustang dyno today and a slightly lower car.

DSC_3657 [1600x1200]

DSC_3657 (Kopia)

DSC_3673 (Kopia)

A teaser before 23GTR.se Open House 2014

7 May{ 0 }

Here´s a sneak peek at what our customers will see at our Open House on Saturday May 10th. It´s very light, it´s got race pedigree and it´s very limited. More will be shown after Saturday. If you want to join us at our Open House, let us know by sending an email.


23GTR.se is EcuTek dealer!

23 Apr{ 0 }

We´re proud to announce that we can now offer EcuTek to our customers! This means we´re the only company in Scandinavia that can give you the option to choose from EcuTek, COBB Accessport and Syvecs for your GT-R! If you want some more power in your car, contact us and we´ll get your car sorted.


The 1000bhp project is alive!

18 Apr{ 0 }

Last year we told you about the 1000bhp project we we´re building for a customer. During the course of the project it´s been upgraded and changed to a more extreme specification. Now the goal is 1100awhp! So, to achieve this we replaced the turbos to even bigger ones. And now the customer have picked the car up and is running in the engine. The pic you see below is just the spec for running in the engine and not the final one. The car will be back soon for an oil change and the last modifications before final engine tuning will be done. What do you think of the result so far? Not too bad, right?

DSC_3634 [1600x1200]

Another Akrapovic titanium exhaust installed

9 Apr{ 0 }

This customer wanted the best exhaust system available for his GT-R, so he choose an Akrapovic titanium exhaust. As you can see, the craftsmanship is outstanding and so is the fitment and finish.

DSC_3624_web DSC_3620 [1600x1200]

Busy busy

18 Feb{ 0 }

Even though it´s still winter here in Sweden, we´re very busy as you can see in the pic below. If you want some work done to your car, please get in touch now to book a time, since our calender is filling up quickly.


Dyno test of a bone stock 2013 EDM GT-R

10 Feb{ 0 }

This time we show you a dyno sheet which shows the result we got on a bone stock 2013 EDM GT-R. We´re tuning it next week and after that we´ll show you how much the increase was. The results were 425awhp and 584awNm. All numbers are corrected as usual.



The second Syvecs equipped car is a Spec V!

8 Feb{ 0 }

This rare and unique Spec V is the only one in Sweden. It´s a very low mileage car in excellent condition. Its owner wanted some more power so he choose more or less the same upgrades as we did on the first Syvecs build:

Syvecs ECU with Flex Fuel sensor
GTC Intake pipes with K&N filters
GTC Downpipes
ASNU 1100cc injectors
AMS fuel rails with regulator
Both fuel pumps upgraded

Since the Spec V have larger turbos from the factory, this car got more power compared with the first one. The peak numbers are 541awhp/681awNm. Both numbers are corrected. Here are some pics of the dyno sheet, the car itself and the amazing titanium exhaust Nissan made for it. If you want some more power in your GT-R, drop us a mail and we´ll take care of your car.

002_web Titanavgas (18) [1600x1200] Titanavgas [1600x1200]

Titanavgas (4) [1600x1200] Titanavgas (10) [1600x1200] DSC_3589

The first Syvecs equipped car is done

6 Feb{ 0 }

Here´s the dyno sheet and a pic of the first Syvecs equipped car we´ve built. It was running a COBB Accessport before, but now it´s in a different league of engine control and protection. It´s also running Flex Fuel so the owner can fill it up with either E85 or 98 octane or a mix. The numbers in the dyno sheet are corrected and the peak values are 522awhp/684awNm. This is on the Mustang dyno we always use. The mods on this car are:

Syvecs ECU with Flex Fuel sensor
GTC Downpipes
GTC Intake pipes with K&N air filters
GTC 4″ midpipe and catback exhaust
GTC Intercooler
ASNU 1100cc injectors
AMS fuel rails with regulator
Both fuel pumps upgraded

If you want some more power in your car, just get in touch!

Syvecs 2_web DSC_3152 58447_678472465508522_2058466157_n

Very rare Spec V gets some upgrades

27 Dec{ 0 }

This Spec V is the only one in Sweden. We´re honored to get the opportunity to give it some upgrades since it´s such a rare car. Below are some pics that show some of the unique parts it has as standard equipment.

DSC_3198 [1600x1200]

DSC_3197 [1600x1200]

DSC_3194 [1600x1200]

Syvecs ECU in stock

29 Oct{ 0 }

Here´s a picture of the two Syvecs GT-R ECUs we just got in stock. As we´ve posted before, Syvecs are powering all the fastest GT-R builds around the world so we know they can make tons of power. The other outstanding feature the Syvecs ECU offers is the protection of the engine. It has a number of built in safety features that other ECUs simply don´t have. It´ll be very interesting to see what results we can get from them. Stay tuned for more info.

DSC_3130 [1600x1200]_web

Repairing the FWD clutch assembly

16 Oct{ 0 }

This car came in with a damaged gearbox. The damage was primarily to the FWD clutch assembly. As you can see from the pictures, the FWD pinion has snapped and it´s damaged the clutch assembly from the inside. The bearing is also damaged (behind the green plastic). On the FWD output shaft, the bearing has completely disintegrated and of course needed to be replaced. While we were at it, we upgraded it to a stronger bearing from Dodson Motorsport. The gearbox casing was also damaged so that was replaced as well. It´s not often that the damage is this severe, but it can happen when the gearbox isn´t upgraded enough when the power and torque is raised through tuning.

DSC_2942 [1600x1200] DSC_2945 [1600x1200] DSC_2944 [1600x1200] DSC_2943 [1600x1200]

A picture of a lot of gearbox work

15 Oct{ 0 }

All the cars in the back row needed some kind of gearbox work. From a complete gearset on one car to repairing the FWD clutch assembly on another. No two cars are the same. The car in front got a service before it was sold. The wheels from that car are for sale if you´re interested.


PPG gear sets in stock

6 Sep{ 0 }

This is just one of 5 complete PPG gear sets we have in stock. A few of them are spoken for and ordered by our customers, but we still have one set left if you want to upgrade the gearbox in your car. Don´t hesitate to get in touch, since they are selling fast and production is limited to 50 sets each run.

DSC_2910 [1600x1200]

We´re back from holiday and busier than ever!

4 Sep{ 0 }

After a well deserved holiday we´re now back and the cars are queuing to get in and get work done. We have a lot of gearboxes that will be both upgraded and repaired during the autumn. In a later post, we´ll show you the parts we´ve ordered to make all the gearboxes work. In the meantime, here´s a pic that shows some of the cars outside the shop.


Black Takata seat belts

4 Jul{ 0 }

Normally we install the green Takata belts in the GT-Rs but this customer wanted the new, black version. Below is the result. Get in touch if you want a 4 point harness in your car.

Team Icericers new look for the summer of 2013

3 Jul{ 0 }

Team Icericers were back at the shop to get some parts installed. This time we replaced the seats with two Recaro Pole Position and we also installed a HKS gearbox cooler. Before they came into the shop, they picked the car up at the wrapping company. They made the car look like an old Viggen fighter jet from the Swedish Air Force.

4th gear broken this time

2 Jul{ 0 }

It seems like it´s the season for broken gearboxes right now. This GT-R came into the shop and when we took the box apart we found a broken 4th gear. Luckily for the customer, we had parts in stock, so it will be up and running again next week. We just want to point out that we hadn´t done any work on the car before the failure. If you want to upgrade your gearbox, don´t hesitate to contact us.

Amazing deal on HKS GT800!

1 Jul{ 0 }

We have an amazing deal on just a few HKS GT800 kits! The price is only 75,000SEK compared with the normal price of 109,900SEK! Get in touch if you want a kit for your GT-R.

The first clutch change on an Evo X SST gearbox in Sweden!

{ 0 }

We always take pride in that we only work with GT-Rs and that we´re really good at what we do. However, when we were approached by a customer that wanted us to replace the clutch in his Mitsubishi Evo X we had to jump on it since it´s never been done in Sweden before. Below are some pics that show the gearbox and some of the parts inside. If you also have an Evo X and want to tune it to get more power, then you need to replace the clutch. Get in touch if you want us to help you make your Evo X run as fast as you want it to.

AMS Alpha 9 built by 23GTR.se vs lightly tuned Yamaha R1, race #2

12 Jun{ 0 }

After the rider of the bike lost race #1, he demanded a re-race. He was convinced that he had too much wind resistance at high speed so he decided to remove his jacket and gloves!!! In this race he started in second gear and got a better start. The brake point (finish line) is the tire stack that can be seen on the side of the runway. Even though it was close, the GT-R still won!

AMS Alpha 9 built by 23GTR.se vs lightly tuned Yamaha R1, race #1

11 Jun{ 0 }

We had a bit of fun when we brought two customer cars to an air field event. It was one Switzer P800 and one AMS Alpha 9. We raced them against each other and also the Alpha 9 against a Yamaha R1. The bike had been tuned with a full Akrapovic exhaust, intake filter and Power Commander. This is race #1:

Broken front diff

{ 0 }

This is the first time we´ve replaced a broken front diff. We´ve seen broken diffs before, but normally the casing breaks and not the gears.

Our 6th customer from Finland!

22 May{ 0 }

In this post we show you the result of our Stage 2 power upgrade that we installed on the 6th car we´ve worked on from Finland. The dyno shows 531hp and 660Nm at the wheels. This is the highest numbers we´ve got on any Stage 2 upgrade so we´re very happy. If you are curious what Stage 2 is, these are the parts that´s included:

COBB Accessport
Complete exhaust including downpipes
Intake pipes and air filters
Individual mapping on Mustang dyno

We also installed our Stage 1 transmission upgrade. That´s new circlips, oil pump upgrade, more magnets in the oil tray and better oil. Below are some pics of the car and the dyno sheet.

The Norwegian project – update

17 AprComments Off on The Norwegian project – update

Since we got the car, we´ve upgraded the gearbox with our stage 1 kit. We´ve also installed the Ohlins Road&Track coilovers and removed the engine to prepare it for the Switzer P800 package. We´re also working on the gearbox cooler which might be the best solution we´ve seen of all the different types we´ve installed over the years. Here are some pictures that show what we´ve been up to.