No, it´s our long time customer Mr S. that continues to modify his 2009 GT-R. We showed you before that we replaced the rear lights with the 2014 model. Now it was time to do the rest. And what a job it was! We didn´t only replace the headlights. Mr S. decided he wanted to do a full upgrade to the 2014 look, minus the wheels. So, we installed the following new DBA parts:

* Front bumper
* Front splitter
* Rear diffuser
* Lower rear bumper
* Engine room harness

This is probably the biggest “cosmetic” job we´ve done, since it was so much work to replace the engine room harness. Both we and Mr S. are very happy with the result though. If you like the new 2014 look and want us to upgrade your car as well, don´t hesitate to contact us.


DSC_0351 [1600x1200]



DSC_0323 [1600x1200]