We got a phone call from one of our P800 customers today. He was a bit excited to say the least. He was out driving when he happened to be on an empty section of dry and flat tarmac and had his Driftbox available. He thought, why not try it out and see what numbers come up? So, he floored it from 80km/h in third gear and measured 100-200km/h and also 100-250km/h. The result? The best numbers we´ve seen in Scandinavia! The temperature plays a big part here since it was around 0 deg C outside, but non the less, the result is great. Remember, he was using winter tires as well. In fact, the 100-250 run is faster than what a German magazine measured an AMS Alpha 9 to recently. Below is the picture proof of the run. If you want some more power in your GT-R, get in touch.