Mr. P-O uses his 2012 GT-R on track a lot and he wanted to upgrade both the handling, braking and the interior. He asked us at if we could help him and of course we did. We ordered a set of Ohlins coilovers and also some Whiteline bushes and swaybars to improve the handling. A new steering wheel from GTNET make the feeling a lot better when on track. He also wanted a set of braided brake hoses so we got a set from Dodson for him. To finish it off, we got him a set of AP Racing J-hook brake discs. The pics really don´t do the parts justice. We´d like to point out that with the Ohlins coilovers, not only is the handling improved on track but you get a better ride on normal bumpy roads as well. If you want some new parts for your GT-R, don´t hesitate to send us a mail.