Time to bring you some news that aren´t just pics of customer cars but of parts we have in stock. Today we got a new delivery of brake discs. We now have Alcon 400mm for MY11-12 as well as AP Racing 380mm for MY08-10 and 390mm for MY11-12.

We´ve also got some Toyo R888 tyres and lets not forget the exclusive BBS CH-R wheels which is probably the last new set in the world!

When it comes to gearbox parts we stock the most common upgrade parts and of course also oil. If you want to make a simple oil service we got you covered. We stock both engine oil and filters at all time.
Exclusively we have a few liters of Nismo Differential oil, 2189E. Very hard to find in Europe.

We also have a HKS stainless midpipe in stock. Pair that with a COBB Accessport and you get a completely new feeling when you drive the car. It not only sounds better but it goes better as well. If you need some work done or just want to buy some parts, get in touch.