As we wrote in our previous post, the gearbox was upgraded on Mr. K´s GT-R. Here are a few pictures of what was installed and also of some other things we´ve done. The first pic shows the gearbox parts we installed. Clutch pack, circlips, gear lock, pan filter kit and oil pump upgrade. What´s not shown is the oil we filled it with. The next pic shows the drain plug of the front differential. We´ve cleaned half of it so you can see just how much dirt the magnet has picked up. If you´re tracking your car, we recommend changing the diff oil sooner than Nissan recommends. The last pic shows the magnet in the oil pan. Again, we´ve cleaned half of it so you get an idea of how much dirt is collected by the magnet and how important it is to use more magnets in the oil pan, not less.
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