As most GT-R owners are aware by now, the gearbox is the weakest link in the car. And as you´ve seen before, we´ve done a lot of different work on these boxes by now. Here are a few more examples of the problems we´ve seen, and the solutions we´ve used.

The first pic shows a broken synchro ring on the left, a fully working OEM ring in the middle and an upgraded one from Dodson Motorsport on the right. What you need to look for on the left one are the missing stop teeth. That´s the weak part on these rings and you can also see the difference in design on the Dodson ring.

The next three pictures show what it looks like when a circlip comes loose. You can see the damaged shaft, the amount of metal debris on the magnets and the loose circlip that was found in the box. This is not uncommon so we highly recommend replacing the circlips if you do any gearbox work. We recommend it even if you´re not running high power in your GT-R. These failures were on cars that ran maximum stage 1 tuning.