This year is visiting the Geneva Auto Salon. We´re invited to the Nissan stand as VIP guests and we´re really enjoying it. We´ve met some really nice and cool people from both Nissan Sweden and Nissan Europe. Below are some pics of the cars that Nissan has on display. Of course they have the new 2012 550bhp GT-R, but also a very cool Nismo Juke Concept. The Juke-R that Nissan did was übercool and this is like a mix of that and the normal Juke. Nismo did their magic on the handling, looks and interior and you can see the result below. If you ask me, this will be a huge hit! I think it looks great! I just hope it drives as good as it looks. This is a very nice first result of Nismo to enter the European market. More models will follow but the Nismo Juke will go into production before the end of this year. I hope it´ll look just like this! Don´t have any high hopes for a big power upgrade, that´s simply not the way Nismo work. It´s more about balance. Now, over to the pics.